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Chapter One

“Have you found someone yet?” I asked my friend and Human Resources Director, Garrett.
He took a seat across from my desk and sighed. “Not yet. Your reputation sucks, Jack. You go through personal assistants faster than I can change my underwear.”
I shrugged. “It’s not my fault you hire incompetent women who can’t do a simple task.”
Garrett rolled his eyes. “The women I hire are more than capable of fulfilling the tasks necessary for the job. It’s you who scares them off. Amber was in my office a few days ago crying her eyes out because you were so mean to her. You told her that if she didn’t correct the mistake she made, you were going to bury her alive. You can’t say shit like that, Jack. Are you looking to get sued?”
I picked up my coffee mug, sipped from it, and chuckled. “My thought is if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I’m a perfectionist and I want things done right. If these women can’t do exactly as I say, then to hell with them. Why is it so hard to understand a simple task?”
“People make mistakes, Jack. How many times do I have to tell you that?”
“There’s no room for error in this business. My mother never put up with it and neither will I. Now find me someone competent, quick. I hate using Coco’s secretary because she’s not any better than the last employees that have worked for me. I pay these people well. More than the average industry pays, and I expect them to do a good job.”
He shook his head as he got up from his seat. “Will anyone ever do a good job in your eyes?”
I shrugged. “Probably not.”
“Fine. I’ll go find your next victim.” He sighed as he walked out of my office.
I chuckled because that was exactly what my previous personal assistants were. Every time I’d walk past their desks, they’d cower and look down in fear. I loved that control over them. But if they had done their jobs correctly in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to be so mean.
As I was looking over the magazine layout for approval, my sister Coco walked in.
“Franny tells me you have her running around town doing your personal errands,” she spoke in irritation.
“Good morning to you too, sis.”
“I’m not having a good morning, so let’s hash this out now. Just because you’re a dick to your PAs and force them to quit, it doesn’t give you the right to use my secretary for your own personal satisfaction. She is one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time and I’m not going to lose her because of your pompous ass.”
“Calm down. I won’t let her quit. I’m just really busy and I need her to pick up a few things for me. I promise if you let me use her until Garrett finds me a new personal assistant, I’ll be as sweet as pie to her. So does this bad morning have anything to do with Joshua?” I asked with the hopes that she broke it off with that asshole.
“Maybe.” She looked down. “He didn’t come home last night.”
“Where the hell was he?” I asked as I leaned back in my chair.
“I asked him that this morning when he finally decided to walk through the door. He said that he fell asleep on the couch at his office.”
“Do you believe him?” I scowled.
“A part of me does. He’s been working long hours and I know he’s really stressed about making partner at the law firm.”
I waved my hand in front of my face. “Believe what you will, sis. You’ve known my feelings about him from day one. He’s no good for you. He’s a cheater, a liar, and a scum-sucking moron who continually hurts you.”
“Hmph. Sounds like someone else I know.” She glared at me.
“That wasn’t nice and I have never hurt you. I tell you like I see it so you’ll wake up and realize that you’re making a mistake by staying with him.”
“Face it, Jack. You’ll never approve of anyone I date. You never have.”
“True. So you need to stop picking the wrong guys.” I smirked.
Rolling her eyes, she walked out of my office.
I loved my sister and all I wanted was for her to be happy. She wasn’t happy with Joshua, as much as she tried to convince herself she was. She was a beautiful woman who stood five foot eight inches tall with long brown hair and big brown eyes. She was slender and fit and could have any guy she wanted. So why the hell was she settling for Joshua? The man was a lawyer and as crooked as they came. I knew for a fact he cheated on her because I saw him once coming out of a hotel room with another woman. I threatened his life after I punched him and he begged me not to tell Coco. He told me that he loved her, but they were having problems and he made a mistake. I gave him one chance and he knew never to cross me again.
As for me, I didn’t get involved in relationships. They never worked and they weren’t worth the hassle of the fights, jealousy, and anger. My mother was a prime example of that after she married and divorced her sixth husband. Women to me were merely toys. They were meant to be played with for my own personal pleasure and, when I was done playing, they got tossed to the side. They knew exactly what they were getting into by getting into bed with me. Some cared, some didn’t. Those who didn’t got fucked by me more than the ones who cared.
Copyright 2015 Sandi Lynn

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Something About Lorelei ~ COMING IN NOVEMBER 2015

Photograph & Cover Design by Sara Eirew

My name is Jack Sutton, CEO of Sutton Fashion Magazine.
I had the world at my fingertips: A successful career, loads of money, and beautiful women who were always at my beck and call. My problem? I lived under the shadow of my mother, who started the company over thirty years ago. Not to mention her being married and divorced six times, which left a bad taste in my mouth as far as relationships were concerned.
“Women to me were nothing but mere toys. They were meant to be played with for my own personal pleasure and, when I was done
playing, they’d get tossed to the side.”
Then, in walked Lorelei Flynn. She was beautiful and so wrong for me. The problem? She was my personal assistant and she was closed off, to say the least. Despite being the beautiful woman she was, I had an overwhelming need to find out what was underneath all that surface beauty. It was something I couldn’t explain. There was just something about Lorelei.
My name is Lorelei Flynn.
I was Jack Sutton’s fifteenth personal assistant in a little over a year. My boyfriend was killed seven years ago in a car accident. Before he died, he gave me a gift: my daughter Hope. My life only revolved around her. I didn’t date and I hadn’t had sex in seven years. Then Jack Sutton came into my life and he was as sexy as sin, but he was nothing but a womanizer and my boss. The line was drawn the day I took the job, and it was one that couldn’t be crossed. Or shouldn’t be crossed. But it was crossed, and now the only world I’d known was suddenly changing and it scared the hell out of me.