Friday, August 24, 2018


The Interview: New York & Los Angeles Part 2 is NOW LIVE!


Soulmate - check
Engaged – check
Dream job - check
Perfect Life – check
I had found my happy ever after. I never thought I could truly love someone the way I loved him, and I never thought anyone could love me the way he did. Fate stepped in and threw us together, binding our love in a way that was stronger than anything I’d ever known. My life was perfect, and between both our jobs and loving each other, we were busy planning our wedding. I couldn’t ask for, nor did I want anything else.
Then fate put its hand in my life for a second time and turned my fairytale world upside down. Our relationship was tested, and nothing could have prepared me for the journey I was about to face. My outer strength was a façade to everyone who knew me, while my inner strength crumbled into tiny pieces.
My name is Laurel Holloway and this is part two of my story.

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